Steel construction, automotive, mechanical engineering

The company MT stands for over 40 years for the manufacture and assembly of complex requirements of machinery and vehicles, assemblies and parts for the engineering of the customer. Based on the on drawings for mechanical engineering relevant offers are made.
In-depth technical discussions, the requirements are specified and implemented in the event of an order by a cost-effective project team. The variety of different sectors and industries served such as mechanical engineering or automotive challenges us constantly. The result is a flexible and solution-oriented team to implement even the most complex tasks. From this vast experience, the designers of our customers benefit in joint workshops with MT technicians. The preparatory work examines the production documents and create work and material flow diagrams. Thus we achieve in the steel and other sectors optimal and cost-effective production times. A rigorous quality assurance and quality control ensures precisely executed steps. Our decision eighth with an eagle eye on professional and careful operations.





MT has in machining on conventional, NC and CNC technology for milling, turning, drilling and grinding for all requirements. For MT components and assemblies from mechanical engineering and vehicle construction are processed with the highest accuracy. We basically chipping steel as well as complex materials such as wear-resistant materials.
A wide range of tools and diverse, obtained from the know-how preferences lead to a high degree of efficiency and productivity in steel, automotive and mechanical engineering.

Our mainly in-house trained welders generate together with the welding engineers optimal quality in MIG, MAG, TIG, Electric, UP and oxyacetylene welding.
We process modules weighing up to 30 tons for industries such as steel, automotive and mechanical engineering. Even for custom manufacturers achieve the high economies of scale employed welder. MT welding company and meets the conditions of "the qualification certificate" to "DIN 18800 T.7". We also have an extension for welding fine grained and cranes.
This MT is an experienced and performance-based suppliers and partners in the contract production of structural steel, automotive and mechanical engineering. Today we weld mainly following materials: general structural steels, wear-resistant structural steels, fine grained structural steels up to S 690th

For MT-made parts are sandblasted and primed. In our workshops are purpose cleaning and sandblasting equipment for each component size and generous paint spray booths are available. Assemblies up to 30 tons unit weight can be easily painted or edited by MT.

All steel components, chassis and engine can be assembled in the house of MT and leave only after trial runs and extensive quality control in our factory CeglÚd.

Quality assurance
We are subject to constant monitoring by our customers. MT All employees are committed to ensure with reasonable care and ongoing self-and cross-check the highest level of quality. For our customers this means: Guaranteed quality at the highest level for all services provided in our operating performance for contract and contract manufacturing of steel construction,
Machinery and transport equipment.

Our certificates:
o the Great Approval certification according to DIN 18800 Part section 6.2
o Expansion with DIN 15018 and fine grain steels S690
o Our welders are tested according to EN 287 -1


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