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Who we are?

MT is a ungarischeses company that is active in the following industrial sectors: mining, tunneling, airports and steel plants.
The corporate form is GmbH
From the beginning, we offer customized solutions in mechanical engineering and structural steel on a contract basis. We offer a wealth of experience, a high processing quality by a highly competent team and priced good conditions.
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We manufacture the single or series production (s) according to the specifications of drawing, design or master drawing of the desired metal.

Where we are

Our company is located in the industrial area of CeglÚd, near the main road 4 about 75 kms away of the Budapest airport.

How we work

Our goal is to closely work with our customers to establish long term business relationships. For this to be achieved, we have created a working environment in order to attract the best people for us and encourage you to provide outstanding services and to strive every success in Customer Satisfaction.


Our experience in structural steel

5 fixed customers in Germany take the various services in steel, automotive, mechanical engineering and the company's services. Nearly 80 employees receive ongoing training, 5 to 10 apprentices are trained annually. The young company receives at company expense CAD, CNC and computer training - they will know how and the CeglÚd continuously strengthened. The MT machinery is constantly upgraded. The MT works in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 in all areas of the company. We are currently producing at approximately 20,000 m2 floor space and have an area of 16 hectares of open space. We as a company do not own products, but we are equipped with a high degree of vertical and large capacities in the burning, plasma cutting, welding, machining, priming.
Thus MT has developed for different industries an important partner and supplier.

Last updated: 30.11.2019.