Production Program

Our manufacturing focus is processed, moderate weldments for various applications. In the past 40 years we have achieved a very high level of technical skill. In the field of engineering and steel construction, we have all the required machinery. We have many different lathes with which we can work pieces up to 4000 mm length and diameters up to 2100 mm hersteilen. We have the following equipment: jacket, top and centerless grinding machines, surface grinders, milling machines, drilling machines and gear cutting machines, lathes, turret lathes, horizontal boring machines,
CNC lathes, CNC plasma, CNC cutting machines, optical flame cutting machines, press brakes, rolling and extrusion machines, various free-jet systems, paint, various welding machines. In our steel production, we lift the entire production technology and associated equipment for weld preparation and processing and for the installation work. We process sheets with thicknesses of 1 to 300 mm and in steel, we can weld, iron construction and sheet metal constructions create up to 30 tons in weight.

Our main activities are:
Flame cutting
plasma cutting

Some examples of our product range:
-Shield supports
- Parts of tunneling machinery
- Conveyor Systems-shearer
- Impact mills, hammer mills
- Various equipment for mineral processing
- Front and turning skids
- Framework for LHDs, Drilling and dumpers for underground mining.
- Framework for rods - and towbarless aircraft tractors
- Equipment for the iron and steel industry
- Containers for the food industry, food mixing machines and complete lines
- Road roller machines and welded frame components for various applications
- Road Construction
- Manufacture of diverse griffins

production Program



Last updated: 30.11.2019.