About us

Minetechnik is a 100% Hungarian enterprise which has more decades of experience and knowledge in connection with working with steel and producing welded steel structures.

You can find mining machineries, tunnel drilling machineries and airport service machines in our product line.

Our first aim is to meet our customers’ needs, even if they are complex and need high quality work. That is why, our organizational structure is fast and we provide flexible customer service and reliable services.

Our processed materials contain not only structural steel but also fine-grained and big abrasion resistant steel with 1-300mm plate thickness.

To meet the market’s requirements, our enterprise emphasizes the development of the machinery needed for the production.

As a result, we have:
- circa 10.000 m2 craned halls which have a load capacity of 16 tons
- forklifts with load capacity of 3,5-7 tons
- CNC controlled flame cutter, plasma cutter and Fiber laser cutter
- rolling mill, and CNC controlled edge bending machine in the range of 300-1000 tons
- traditional cutting machine, CNC drilling and milling machine with horizontal axis, drilling and tapping center
- welding equipments (till 400A, MIG-MAG, TIG) and machines needed to check welding seams
- modern abrasive blasting machine and painting cabine

Since we are committed to quality work and want to satisfy our customers’ needs we fulfill the requirements of:
ISO 9001:2015
MSZ ISO 45001:2018
MSZ EN ISO 3834-2:2006